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Moins de frais
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Awesome team
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Why a fundraising on Papayoux Solidarité?

Creating an online money pot on Papayoux-Solidarité is the easiest and fastest way to raise money.

Payments are compatible with Visa & Master cards issued in Europe, United States, Canada, Asia and many others...

Our fundraising is for individuals as well as corporates & associations.

In case of questions, our team is highly reactive.
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Medical, Illness & Healing

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Arts, Music & Film

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Association & Charity

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Sports & Clubs

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Missions & Church

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Children & Families

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Collect smartly

Don't advance money anymore, avoid unpaid payment, don't be the banker anymore : Papayoux collects for you !

Collect easy

With a few cliks, customize your money campaign, then invite your friends to contribute, finally transfer the funds on your bank account.


Transactions are totally secure thanks to SSL encryption and 3D Secure technology.

An ethical and eco-responsible Fundraising platform

An independent and original online pot founded in 2014, simple, secure, on a human scale, ethical which has already brought together hundreds of thousands of users and which represents an interesting alternative compared to the giants of the market.

A platform which collect from many international countries.

Simple because a few clicks are enough to launch your fundraising. Secure because we apply the highest security standards to protect our users and fight against fraud.

On a human scale, because our team will answer your questions quickly and in a personalized way (no ChatBot).

Ecological because the electricity needed to operate our platform is of renewable origin.

Ethical because we ensure that the money from the collect is used in a respectful manner and in accordance with the stated objective.

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Free crowdfunding platform
I raised funds for my association. Everything went well. Having just had a problem with a payment, customer service was reassuring.
Serious web site
The authenticity of projects is always verified and the team is always available.
I recommend !
I chose this crowdfunding platform because you can really tell a story by adding as many illustrations and videos as you want.
Long live Papayoux
Independent funding solution that pays its taxes and that reverse 100% of donations.
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Papayoux agit sous statut d'Intermédiaire en Financement Participatif (IFP) et est inscrit à l'ORIAS sous le numéro 17003690.

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